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Palm wax candles by Saules Fabrika
Natural palm wax candles by Saules Fabrika
Natural handmade candles by Saules Fabrika
Handmade candles by Saules Fabrika
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Natural handmade candles: mystery of the very nature for a harmonious evening

Saules Fabrika brand is widely known among connoisseurs of green products for creation of homeliness and warmth even in the most cold winter evening. What are the secrets to such popularity of accessories produced by this manufacturer? It is a very simple thing – there are no secrets!

Natural palm wax, eco-soy, beeswaxand cotton wick – this is the list of 100% safe components, being so precious absolutely owing to their natural origin. Except lighting, the popular paraffin wax candles cannot create such a wonderful and magic atmosphere as the best handmade ones.

What can be more pleasant than fragrances of the very nature?

Only the products made from 100% green and safe substances, with no extra additives. Probably for this very reason, the flame of the lit palm wax candle can do true miracles.

  • It may bring you to a meadow paved with flowers. Bright flashes of colours, aromas of herbs and petals, the sunshine dazzling you through the screwed up eyes. Yes, you are still in your room, but perfumed palm wax candles can do their magic.
  • Or, it seems like the sun is setting over the sea. A warm and refreshing breeze blows from somewhere. The scents of nature mixed with gentle lapping waves. The feeling of absolute relaxation and excitement, as if you have moved to some warm sunny place with incredibly romantic evenings, having just closed your eyes and without flying on an air plane.
  • Choose other scent and now you are walking in the forest, picking up the smell of light bouquet. It makes you relaxed, helps to soothe heavy brain activity and "calm it down", especially after a rough working day.

Molded handmade candles: visual effect is just delightful!

Not all candles, bought under the Saules Fabrika brand, are scented. For example, there are molded candles on offer. You may feel true ecstasy, if you buy and lit them. Smooth curves are illuminated by soft and even light.

Moreover, there are beeswax candles. Such candles are created in the form of adorable angels. The wings are sculptured so thoroughly that you can even see tiny feathers. Chubby hands of a small angel or praying hands of a big angel look amazingly graceful.

Homeliness: every moment is perfect!

It is said that one can watch burning fire endlessly. That is true! Especially, if it is achieved by using natural materials, which do not emit any harmful components and pungent smells, when burning. Some people need to watch the dancing flame to relax – in this case one may choose unscented candles.

As our candles are handmade using a natural wick, the atmosphere will be filled with a pleasant aroma even when the candle goes out. And it is difficult to choose, what moment is better...

Is it the moment, when a candle is just unpacked and not yet burned, as it is so beautiful in all of its aspects? Is it the moment, when the wick is lit and illuminates the shadows of twilight? Is it a time given by candles glow and their gentle aroma? Or is it the moment, when the flame goes out and your room is plunged into pleasant darkness?..

One thing is clear: natural candles are a find for true dreamers!

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