Eco candles from soy wax and beeswax

Eco candles from soy wax and beeswax: gifts of the very nature for harmonious rest!

Beeswax candles gained their popularity due to the absolutely natural ingredient. That is why they are highly-prized among those, who understand all advantages of eco-friendly materials. How can you create homeliness, if you, for example, burn paraffin wax candles, emitting a lot of harmful components?

Wax candles give warmth once you just look at these products. Even when they do not burn, the shade, which these accessories get due to a bee-keeping product, warms you.

The handmade candles with use of beeswax burn much longer than paraffin wax ones. When burning, they do not produce any pungent smells, give even skyward flame.

You may feel the summer day warmth even in the cold winter evening, if you buy and light these candles from natural ingredients. They give fine natural aroma of beeswax.

This material is quite plastic and can be shaped in different forms by our masters. For example, these natural handmade candles are made in the form of cute angels.

Treat yourself harmony and tranquillity!

Small angel

Small angel

This funny cute little angel has lain down and leaned on chubby hands. His perky little curls give him more charm. Small wings behind his back are ready to carry him into the heaven. However – he stays with us, to light up evening warmth. Delicate and tender, absolutely natural aroma of beeswax, as well as the soft and warm candle shade are ideal components.
Big angel

Big angel

Warm and even light, fire illuminating a small space around, as well as a wonderful form – that is the key to success of this natural handmade candle. It is performed in the form of a big angel. He stands, spreading his powerful wings, with praying hands and slightly inclined head – in the pose of humility. Tender yellow colour of this material and a fine aroma of beeswax will accompany the flame of the burning candle.

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