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Palm wax candles by Saules Fabrika
Natural palm wax candles by Saules Fabrika
Natural handmade candles by Saules Fabrika
Handmade candles by Saules Fabrika
Eco-friendly unscented candles by Saules Fabrika

Palm wax candles fire magic in fancy frostwork

Palm wax candles by Saules Fabrika are eco-friendly products handmade from organic waxes by our experienced masters using the technologies honed to perfection. All candles are manufactured in Latvia (the European Union) and are handmade.

Palm wax is an absolutely pure product without any toxic additives. Eco-friendly candles burn twice as long, comparing with paraffin wax ones. Lit candles are smokeless and do not give any bad smell, when extinguished. They do not release any harmful substances, when burning. All because our candles are manufactured only from natural components such as palm wax and cotton wick. Our company selects the palm wax suppliers carefully, when purchasing raw materials. The mandatory criterion for choosing suppliers is creation of new palm plantations. It is a renewable resource and we may therefore speak of environmental responsibility.

Natural handmade candles are notable for inimitable patterns. Each candle is unique. It seems that it was Jack Frost, who has ornamented these products like tiny windows on the winter Pre-New Year day. When lit, these candles are real eye-catchers, melting slowly and flickering mysteriously. One cannot tear oneself away from such candles. A candle clears negative energy from a room and attracts wealth and prosperity in your house. Palm wax can be easily removed with warm soapy water, if it is stuck to furniture or fabric.

These green products would become interesting decoration elements for your home or office, stores and restaurants: all you have to do is choose colours, size and patterns.

The handmade candles in the form of pyramids, spheres, pillars and squares are on offer. The most optimal sizes are available – 8; 9.5; 10.5; 11.5; 12.5; 15.5; 19.5; 21.5; 22 cm. You can buy these natural candles both for yourself, to enjoy the special magic of fire, and as a gift with the best wishes

Burning candles sparkle from the inside. It creates an atmosphere of cosiness and relaxation! The special aura is in the air. Here it is - MAGIC!

Packed soy wax candles Packed soy wax candles
Palm wax candles in glass containers Palm wax candles in glass containers
Soy wax candles in tins Soy wax candles in tins

Packed soy wax candles

Eco candles by Saules Fabrika company give a unique opportunity to make your romantic dinner truly amazing. Products provided on this website are made from natural soy adding different dried flowers. Thiswill create a wonderful atmosphere in a room and ensure full safety for health.

Natural handmade candles are completely eco-friendly products free of petroleum, paraffin and other toxic substances. Moreover, they burn twice as long and do not leave any spots or streaks.


Palm wax candles in glass containers

Handmade palm wax candles are manufactured using the technologies honed to perfection. They come in transparent glass containers that will let you contemplate fire, that is why these candles look attractive and are always easy to use.

Palm wax candles are 100% green products. Comparing with paraffin wax candles, such products burn twice as long and do not emit any toxic components. Palm wax candles are your magic in its purest form. Your room gets filled with unique aura. Scented products are widely recognized that is confirmed by many positive feedbacks.


Soy wax candles in tins

Our handmade soy wax candles keep warmth of the solicitous hands of our talented masters. Every evening will get a charming atmosphere with such accessories. Green candles are manufactured from soft soy wax extracted from soy beans. The wick is natural, ensuring clean burning without any smoke and easy extinction.

The aromas of candles in tins are incredible, enchanting, festive and refreshing. Choose those ones, which are associated with homeliness and cheer you up. You may easily add festive notes even to an ordinary evening.


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